Ongoing Flamenco singing classes with Diego Amador jr. on Zoom

 Saturdays 10:15-11:45 p. m.

$20 per class 

This class is taught in Spanish with a translator present

all levels are welcome.

private and semi-private classes also available.

private videos are provided to all students

for additional information contact

 cajon class every w/ Diego Amador jr. every Sunday

10:30-12:00 p. m. PST

$20 per class

This class focuses on Flamenco rhythms, palmas, and cajon technique. All levels welcome.

Introduction to the Flamenco guitar w/Diego Amador jr.
February 20, 12:15-2:00 p. m. $25
An introduction to the Flamenco guitar masterclass taught by Diego Amador jr. Diego will cover various Flamenco forms, fundamental techniques, and rhythms unique to the art form. This class will be taught in Spanish with Savannah Fuentes present to translate.

Savannah Fuentes Flamenco is a touring music and dance ensemble based in Seattle, currently offering virtual Flamenco classes and presentations.